Christmas List

Nani commented on one of my twitpics about planning on her Christmas list. So I decided to make it easy for those whoever want to send some gifts to our home. =)

POGS — I don’t think you can find these in malls. You will usually find them from vendos nearby school, positioned to the school children. I bought once in Consolacion Central School at P1 for 5 pogs — the cheapest I know of. At Consolacion merkado, it’s sold at P0.50 per piece.
Stickers — to add to our art wall
Coloring Books/Crayons — so our wall will not be covered with too much art
Character Pencils — Barbie specifically for meg; cars/robot for migi
Eraser — you can also throw in some erasers
Grade 1 paper — educational supplies na sya. really, we can use some papers. meg loves to doodle. migi loves to make airplanes. which i’m not sure if mother earth is happy about it.
Clay — we can use some clay though it’s kinda messy
Any cheap art stuffs that will make a lot of mess will do. =)

The mother will also appreciate to receive for her kids:
Pajamas — those 3 or 2 for P100 will do
Guitar shirts — size 28 for mati; 32 for migi; 30-32 for meg
Any of those 3 for P100 shirts/shorts
White Socks  — migi is somewhere in size 6 — get something that is ‘nipis’ and the no ‘bukol’ on the toe area — this is our constant war during mornings. meg is somewhere size 4 or bigger.

my groupies

i hope i’m not too heartless for making up a personal Christmas list in this time of ondoy/pepeng calamities.