stare at wide open space

it’s one those days that i just want to be in the corner and ‘mokmok’
mati is having fevers
migi was having fevers last week

plus most probably i have an assigned article to do which is about philisophy — a gloomy philosophy with ‘lagwom’ english words like renunciation, inexorable, emancipation (->do people still use these words?)
which was written to be not understood by average people like me
it’s too much for my popjunk-cultured brain
so i think this writing ‘assignment’s’ making me more gloomy, and just makes me want to ‘mokmok’
so leson learned, i’m never for philosophical kind of stuffs which require too much brain cells

so, anyway have to bring my nanay also for like 3 doctors this week
IM, OB, Optha doctors
nothing serious
just follow-up check up
i hope mati gets better today
sick kid = crazy times

this whining is boring. blah
coffee! coffee! coffee! wake up my brain cells please
let them spark like christmas lights!