my current obsession: photography

do not worry, though
i do not have a disillusion of becoming a photographer
i’m pretty happy and secure with my ‘talents,’ no need for me to add photography into my list
i’ll be helping out tabong to go online
and, hopefully, i’d be able to do that

since i’m part of the unemployed statistics, might as well make myself useful to others
so from talking about twitter (@tweetitow), this coming days, i’ll be talking about photography
and stuffs
i am hoping… no, i will bring this website to page 1 of google search result =)
i am zero SEO-know-how, but what the heck, what really the heck =)

so, today, i went with tabong scouting for props and doing ocular inspection for a pre-nuptial shot
and, really being a wedding/events photographer is not an easy job
it’s just not about clicking the camera
we went from tabucanal to taptap just to find a good spot for pre-nuptial that i feel spent after.
so spent, i no longer have the energy to do the =)

(this is my ‘artsy fartsy’ shot. so much for photo talent. after trekking in taptap.)