mati’s 1st ER experience

and, definitely the last.
mati was/is the one who’s breastfeed for the longest time, more than a year
but looks like he is on the little weak side
he got peanut allergies
and, this time he has symptoms of asthma/pneumonia
it was last saturday afternoon when i noticed signs of him having cough and colds
sunday night when he did not want to be put down when asleep
monday morning, i felt there was something not really right with his breathing
so i brought him to the pedia at velez
and, when the doctor see him, she right away gave me a ‘doctor’s order’ to have mati ‘nebulized’ in ER
after nebulizing, we went back to his pedia, and she asked us again to have her nebulized the 2nd time
actually, it was 2 vials of those ‘nebulize’ vials (so all in all, he was nebulized 3 times)

kind of shock because it’s my first time to encounter ‘asthma’ in my kids
and the nebulizing thing is new to me
plus we also had him being x-rayed that day to check his lungs — me thinks

but anyhoo, he is now back to being an energizer bunny (God, please no jinx)
but he is still under anti-biotics and ‘nebulizer’ medication

so i think mati is the one who is mark’s real son
mark is asthmatic and his mother

and, i have a new skill — nebulizing a baby
and, my greatest challenge — how to make mati slow down a bit
being an energizer bunny is not asthmatic-friendly
we’ll be back on thursday at his pedia again
hopefully, everything’s clear and A-owkei that time =)

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