i’m going to vote for

a candidate who will put up a playground
a nice safe playground
does not need to have all those swings and stuffs
just plain green grass fields would do
and lots of trees to climb
someplace where kids can roam safely
in a country where baby production is always high
where priests are against artificial birth controls
a playground/park in every corner is a must

a candidate who will put up some community learning/education center
something like that of ‘community education’ in US
something like TESDA in here
but more available and accessible to everybody
where you do not need to get some congressman or any politician’s sponsorship just so people can get in for free
plus we have to admit that there are kids who just do not like to go through the whole educational standard system
i think, out-of-school youths, they’re not delinquents, they just do not fit into the existing education system
so i think something like a community education center is good investment
it will also encourage all the people to learn
and, it does not have to be sooo expensive i think

the park/community learning center must be a place for both and rich
i think one of our problems is that rich or once-get-rich are too removed or too far from the poor people
there is disconnection
so the politicians who are usually rich can never answer the poor’s needs, they could not relate
mmm… except for akalamo villar, pro’lly

can we also have some weighted votes?
for votes bought = less value
for heartily sincerely votes + education = greater value
or can we filter out wowowee audience from voting? (i’m a wowowee fan)
i know it’s sexist/racist/snob but i guess there is some ‘validness’ in my obnoxious idea

vote for me for first lady =)