because my kids will be farmers =)
we went to a ‘baboyan’ in tapon, dumanjug yesterday (Sunday)
i pity my kids how can they be ‘ignorante’ with baboys and sagbot
growing up in badian, we had baboyan that come and go
and, a tangkonan (farm) for the baboy
the ‘probinsya’ life is something i feel so ‘sayang’ that my kids will not experience
where all the places that meet your eyes is yours to explore for free

even if we could not get a farm of our own, i’d see to it that my kids will get their share of loving dirt and worms, pet and chase wild animals, swim with the cows and carabaos! =)
i’m so going to make ‘kusi’ if ever they’d get so arte over some dirt mud
i don’t have sissy kids! my kids will eat dirt!
hehehe. sadista nga mama
it’s funnest, i swear!