GSIS reason for delayed pension is laughable!

From INQ:
“Starting in August, GSIS claims and pension (services) is being migrated from the (computer) mainframe to SAP (application),” Elamparo explained. “We have anticipated that the first-month implementation of the migration would result in delayed or innacurate data.”

My nanay’s pension is not delayed, thankfully. But it is short of P2t something. She got a text msg from GSIS that the lacking will be available on her e-Card (Unionbank ATM) on or before Sept. 23, 2009.And, as expected, it did not arrive.

Reading some news, GSIS is blaming their pevious IBM system for the problems they had previously. That is why they now switch to ORACLE. So they are migrating data from their old system IBM to ORACLE, and with this are the delays and lacking of the pensions.

I worked with software/data companies, and I know migration can be very very tricky. But if you are an intelligent company or technology user, it’s common sense to make a thorough plan on how to go about migration to avoid mistakes. Create back-up plans in case of problems, and etc. And if worse comes to worst, GSIS can always have the payment manually. C’mon!

With too many financial institutions using IBM, they’re probably the only one who got into a problem like this. And, if ever there were, I do not think it takes that long to be corrected. IBM is not that stupid, right?! You can read IBM’s side here. And, by the way, GSIS paid P80M for that IBM software.

What make
It’s just really annoyingly funny! I’m not whining about my nanay’s short pension. I’m not saying Garcia is playing with GSIS money. It’s just how sad to think about a ‘trivial’ problem that is totally avoidable can happen. But of course, we’re Philippines, it’s probably expected.

Unsaon na lang to tinood jud nga problema?!