changes at home

* nappy change – a week before migi turned 5 years old, I tried ‘weaning’ him from wearing diapers at night. a 5-year old still on diapers, even only at nights, kinda freakish to me. so i promise to moon, sun and planet mars that whatever happens, i’m going to wean migi from diapers. i’m scared he’d be having issues when he’d become adult because his mother still let him wear diapers at 5 years old.

so my plan was to wake him up every after 2 hours to bring him to the CR to pee. he’d usually down 2 8-oz milk before sleeping so can you imagine the wee-wee ‘baha’. but since i started the weaning process, not a night went by without accidents — because i fail to wake up, or he wee2x before my scheduled ‘wake-up,’ or accidents just happen. so like weeks after, our bedroom already stinks of wee2x. mark had been asking me to just put migi back to diapers. but nothing can stop me, not even if our bedroom smells like a public urinal.

then mati got sick. you know when kids get sick, they’d turn into a puke machine even asleep. so add to the stinky wee2x smell was mati’s puke. our room’s smell was already a mix of wee2x and puke that i finally gave up on this ‘weaning’ process. urine and puke smells are just not a good combination!

so we are now back to XXL diapers at night. i’d wean him back when he’d stop downing 2 8-oz of milk before sleeping.

* milk change — this year, we’ve gone from Lactum to Enfakid, and now we’re using Anchor full cream milk (Tintin’s Bersola’s advertisement). mainly for the reason that enfakid’s price just keeps going up. when i started to switch back using it last April, it was just priced at P900+ then a month ago, it was already P1000+ sthing. Are there gasoline price increases or whatever increases that they also have to increase their price? i say WTFFFFF!!! F as in MEADJOHNSONFUCK!!!

tama na ang mga sun-is-the-center-of-the-universe na mga ads na yan! i’m not gonna be fooled! it’s efffffinnngggg the same cow’s milk!!!!

Enfakid 1.6 kg is priced at P1090 sthing, while anchor’s 1.8 kg is priced at P600+. but i have to buy the anchor in ‘karton’ packs because my kids demanded for the green milk (enfakid’s packaging color). so i’d put the anchor milk into the enfakid’s can to sort of ‘deceive’ them. yes, i’m smarter than my kids! and, my milk was nido. =)

So anyway, another thing that convinced me to switch to Anchor because i find it too sweet. and, read some article about milks being to sweet are not good for kids.

and, i’m happy that we are now in anchor. because, since it’s not that sweet, my kids no longer find it much appealing to drink milk. unlike before that every time, they get bored and have nothing else to do, they ask for milk. since they drink less of milk, they now ask for real food. (no jinx please) i’m happy that migi now asks for food — like rice and ‘sud-an’ or any food.

they only ask for milk at night, before they sleep. =) they’d usually ‘baon’ 2 8-0z of milk when they go to bed. =) so we’re still good. =)

(migi’s current obsession is yellow color. if only he can wear yellow everyday, he’d do so.
probably, a supporter of Cory Aquino.)