yesterday, i’m thankful for

* to the sisters, teachers, staffs of dominican school for making migi’s birthday such a blast. migi’s school has this ‘parents-hands-off’ kind of policy. we are pretty limited up to what, where we can be involved in the school related stuffs of the kids. which i appreciate =) it’s a way for my kids to be totally on their own and be independent without us hovering on them.

so with this kind of ‘culture,’ it’s best that i leave the ‘party’ thing to the schools staffs. the preschool encourages celebrations of birthdays — as it is something kids can cherish of. they already have this cookie-cutter default party set-up. they will prepare the food, drinks, order the cake, and even loot bags, party hats, decorations and such. i’m totally thankful because i no longer have to get stress about it. migi’s class is 8am — not really a good time to set-up some party.

i just need to coordinate with the sisters to tell what we prefer re food. my original plan was french fries and cupcakes. but the sisters said cupcakes and cake are already redundant. so we end up with french fries and pansit — quite an odd combination but they said it works with the kids. the cake must be some racing car according to migi’s wish.

yesterday early morning, sister jackie called me up to tell me the cake they ordered did not push thru. so she asked me if it’s owkei if they order from goldilocks (she’s concern with the difference in price). and, i’m totally fine with it as long as there is cake.

this kind of worry me a bit in the morning, a bit sad to think that migi will not have a cake. but anyway, it’s not going to ruin his life if he won’t have a cake. mothers can be this overly sissy. =)

when i saw the pictures of his party at school (just gave them my camera for the pics), i was totally touched that they put a car on it. i can just imagine what they need to go thru just to have that car over the cake. (the car is some freebie from shell)
  * to the classmates for joining in the celebration, made it more fun for migi.
* for the little people who were thoughtful enough to visit us at home.
* for the 2nd hand pink psp which i got so cheap from jp, a friend way back highschool. i got it from him for P1500 — quite a steal! =) i’m so cheap mother who bought 2nd hand toys as birthday gifts for her kids. =) but nevertheless, migi is one happy camper with his new ‘pink’ toy.

* and for all the people who wishes us well. =)

Lord, thank you for all the people who made my migi’s birthday extra special! =) Thank you for surrounding us with very good people. =)

more pictures here.