road freak accident yesterday

around 10am yesterday, on the way to mark’s office.
mark and i were having random chitchat
we were already somewhere near DoÑa Rosario Village in Mandaue (is this still Basak ba?)
i guess we were debating at that moment if we could afford some starbucks or not with me being unemployed
when i saw a commotion in front of us
then there’s this guy rolling towards us into the car’s hood
at that moment, my brain froze, morbid thoughts running in my mind
i was already imagining him being run over mark’s car
with his head crashed and his brains splattered all over the road
and, him ‘kirig kirig’
really, all the OA emotions you can think of is what i felt at that moment

when i saw the man’s/motorist’s head pop up in front of us, i felt so relieved!
was really really thankful to the Heavens High Up
though, it was not our fault — it just does not feel so right to run over someone even if he was being reckless.

the picture i managed to take. i was thinking twice of taking a picture because hello, naaksidente na gali.
so that guy was driving a motorcyle when he hit a girl (the girl not in the picture)
which caused him to ‘tulimbang’ (so there were 2 people actually injured in that incident)
then roll over towards the car we were in.
thankfully, mark was driving very slow or else just a matter of seconds, i don’t like to think about it any more.