R & D Spa White Shower Scrub

Rating: ★★★★
Category: Other

from the name itself, it works as a scrub like in the spa
but i haven’t been to a spa for a scrub so i’m not sure if its name holds true
but i like the product that i’m even creating a review for it
its packaging said this is made in thailand (might be true as thailand is known for its pa-beauty)
it comes in different ‘flavors’ —
coconut for anti age-ing
grape seeds and papaya for whitening
but i never really use it to make me younger because i’m already ‘student’ looking
and not for whitener because that’s a hopeless case
i love the ‘liha’ (sandpaper) effect on my skin
i feel like all the ‘tagiptip’ are all scrubbed out.

Sscrub scrub on Twitpic

i find this at metro gaisano stores
at P49.50 per tub
quite cheap for unemployed like me =)