quitting was my hobby this week

monday — i talked to my immediate boss about having my last day on friday. then, sent an email to the bigger boss if it’s owkei that friday will be my last day.
* the decision to quit was prompted from a talk i had with the bigger boss on friday, regarding some changes that concerns my working schedule.

tuesday — my current employer offered for a 4-hour work schedule for me. reason for my long-hair ‘note’ here in multiply.
* despite some ‘weird things’, i love working with the 3 tech boys. i love being a witness to how an application is created.
* so i accepted the offer, and i was jilted quitter.
* i really love the rush I get from user testing aka bug hunting. =) it’s like chasing a ‘kuto,’ and once you get hold of it, and hear it squish between your 2 thumbs — it’s a natural high. =) really, it’s the closest thing i can get to being involved with building an application. that’s why it was hard to say no to the 4-hour working schedule.

thursday — i planned my quitting last friday last week. so i talked to a friend about giving me a ‘writing gig’ over the weekend. i was really this decided to leave work. but women are entitled to be fickle-minded, thus changes of plans in the middle of the week.
* the writing gig started thursday, and i being not able to push thru with quitting from my current job, i was ‘trapped.’ looking at the project i got, i just cannot fit it into my schedule without me having to work round the clock. i felt so blessed with having ‘jobs’ but i just can no longer find a place to keep them.
* i was this stressed on thursday plus i and mark got into argument about him not liking me to work at night. which i know is valid. but i have committed already to a project so things did not go well between mark and i also. so thursday did not really end well. because i have to tell my friend, at the last minute, i need to quit. majorly, for my kids’ sake. i’ve been quite a distant mother for some months already — since everything gets busy and all with work.

friday — thankfully, i found a replacement to take over the project right away. so i’m thanking the Heavens High Above for putting things back into places. =) it was one brain/nerve/emotional wracking week for me.

tomorrow will be the start of my 4-hour working schedule. hope i could cram in the following for the rest of my ‘free’ time, which is not really free because if you’re a mother, your time is all for your kids. even when you work, it’s for them and you’re thinking of them even at work.
* be home before the kids are asleep — ride 04L straight from 14th floor of keppel to SM for ‘lacion bound jeep. no no no stopover ‘inside’ the SM mall.
* update more my multiply — this is my home. =)
* @tweetitow works =)
* learn even just the basic of css – the reason i got a wordpress account but then i realized customizing the ‘multiply themes’ is the basic way of learning css
* do i have to say learn wordpress — does this need to be learned?
* and, oh my being ‘SEO  writer’
* get a haircut! (is gretchen bareto’s bobcut still in?)
* and catch up with my favorite’d twits (i have like 1000+ starred twits i need to unstar)
eeee, looking at this list — maybe quitting from work is not enough to accomplish them all. but one step a time. =) God will put them all in places. =)

looking at this week happenings, i’m just thankful that i’m in a position that i can easily quit from my job. 

happy mondays! =)