on Cory Aquino

I’ve seen the comment below from somewhere in the world wide web, coming from someone prominent in the blogosphere. Of course, I’m too coward to name names.

“Of course as Cory brought to Cathedral, Wowowee airs anyway and so literally dances on her grave”

I know wowowee is trash but i do not see why he has to made a comment about wowowee being joyous while Cory Aquino is on wake. I probably misinterpret the comment. But c’mon, I do not think Cory Aquino wants everybody to be crying and mourning and sad. She is probably too happy to be resting in peace now to worry about ABS CBN opting to air wowowee over her.

I think Cory Aquino would like to have a sincere sympathy. And, making wowowee be graving over her death is too plasticity.

I noticed it’s rest-in-peace time for great people, after michael jackson is cory aquino.