my social networking theory

I love multiply first & most.
Then, twitter next.
Facebook no emotional attachment – it’s like i have to be there because my friends are there
And, everyboy’s saying it’s like the biggest (we’ll, everybody s d biggest) thing
And, me being not wanting to be left behind just to have to be there

So anyway, my story is not about that
i love twitter 2nd to multiply or maybe equal so it’s pretty understandable why i’m flooding that place
But i’m no facebook fanatic like my-day-is-not-complete-w/out-facebook kind of.
But i find myself frequenting it more than multiply
This is making me feel guilty
Like betraying my multiply who’s been w/ me like forevaahhhhrrr

So why is that my facebook/twitter bonding is more frequent than multiply?
because these 2 are mobile-friendly
compared to multiply
It’s such an effort browsing multiply
on the go
they do not have a good mobile version
Well,they have iphone/ipod version , nothing for symbian (**edit to upd8: multiply has mobile version for symbian.)
And, i guess it’s also because multiply is not built for mobility (celphone version) in the 1st place
*unlike facebook/twitter where u can just type in some random small thoughts/talks, multiply is more of something u need to sit down to compose a post
* since most multiply posts are well-thought so it’s kinda long which can be such a pain to load in a mobile device
* vice versa, posting on multiply via a mobile device can be a pain because mobile devices are too small for the fingers to input more than 140 characters.
* unlike facebook/twitter, you really need to spend time on multiply to read posts and view pictures. facebook and twitter is not so attention-needy, u can just browse through them in a speed w/c is perfect if u’re updating via a small monitor.
* and like me who is multi-tasking babysitting and internetting, twitter/facebook are much easier to attend to – less maintenance, not that needy & demanding as my kids =)

it looks i’m suggesting mobile version for multiply
but i’m not sure though if it’s going to be a good idea
Because if that would be the case, the users would also need to create mobile friendly posts like as short as tweets or facebook shout outs.
i mean i also don’t like to see my good ole buddy multiply trying to be twitter/facebook
so anyway, my celphone says this is already 5kb (no idea how big is that.not the type of person who knows what’s the difference of bits and bytes)

As a closing remark, if u are planning to put up some website or anything up on the world wide web, consider or make it mobile-devices -friendly/compatible. =)

Multiply Inbox Mobile
Twitter Mobile Apps
Facebook Mobile

looking at the mobile ‘user interfaces’ (so techy term and i’m not sure if UI is the right term),
*twitter/facebook were designed that you can just read your contacts’ thoughts just by scrolling up and down. in case of the facebook, ‘like’ button comes so handy when u’re viewing from a celphone.

so it’s like going to a big party where mostly the people you met are acquaintances or new faces, and what you usually do is scan the crowd then do some small talks here and there.
*with multiply, you need to open up a post before you can get to the whole thought — too many clicks and download time — not much good thing on a small device and screen.

it’s like meeting up a friend for some coffee talk where you have to sit down and do some lintimate talk.

owkei, bringing this social thingy too far. =)