me, me, & me updates and some very ‘interesting’ stuffs (giving birth/seo/twitter)

about me =)

* i had seen the ‘the business of being born’ last night. i was interested because i thought it’s kinda michael moore-ish kind of movie. but anyway, i really want to make a review of it before i forgot about it. it’s a good documentary film for all mothers-to-be and mothers and fathers. the moving is trying to reintroduce the ‘home birth’ kind of method. and, the thought that women are built to give births, we should not feel less knowledgeable than the OB-gyn. centuries and centuries women gave birth on their own, i cannot help but think ‘hospital’ kind of giving birth is overrated.

* i’ve been here and there everywhere that i don’t know where to start

* writing update
– months ago, i’d been writing and writing about getting a ‘writing’ gig. and, i did get into a   writing gig. i’m now calling myself a certified ‘writer.’ =) i’m happiness with the thought of being hired as a ‘writer.’ i know ‘everybody’ here’s been telling me that i can write, and so is the rest of the world can write. haha.

reason why i really have a hard time accepting myself as a ‘writer’ because i can still remember when i auditioned to become a staff of the high school paper — you know that thing back in high school. i was not rejected — the article i submitted was not rejected because i had not submitted one in the 1st place. because all i did during the audition time was stare at the paper because i did not know how to start the article.after that, i mark X/crushed out/deleted  ‘writing’ from my list of talent. and, get contented with making myself ‘appreciater’ of writer.

–  so what i learn is if you want something to happen, the first step is to announce to the world. something related to the ‘the secret’  book (havent read that but everybody’s talking about it) that if you want something, go tell the world because the universe will conspire with you to make it happen. (i hope i did not make another version of the book)

– but it make sense, right? if other people somehow knows you are into this, if they get across something related to what you want, they’d think of you. they’d share it with you. somehow, everything related to it gets magnified which made things a bit easier for you.

– if you want to know what i am doing, i am an SEO ‘writer.’ everybody knows what’s SEO, right. which leads me to tell you a secret i realized that writing what is in your mind is totally different from writing what is in other’s mind. as what i’d predicted before, it would kind of make me feel like a prostitute — i must write even if it tastes bad already. but it’s all about the attitude. =) just picture it’s denzel washington harrassing u (i <3 denzel). just write like it would save a million lives. =)

– another thing about SEO: if you follow everything about SEO, you’d end up just writing all about the keywords. i cannot help but feel that SEO could kill a writer’s creative style of writing. but at the end of the day, it’s all about the content. however SEO-compliant you are, if there’s nothing more than that, oh well.

– last na lang jud: which made me realize that my long-term goal is to be able to write whatever i fancy if and if ever i’d really want to be a ‘writer.’ it should be people would pay me not to write about what’s in their mind, but they would pay me for what is in my mind. i’m now telling the universe that — go and conspire with me. haha this is quite an ambitious shot but whatdheck who cares!

* ‘business’ venture with a friend — another thing that’s eating my time is when i get to talk to this friend, we’ll just talk for hours and hours about any idea that would pop up our head and turn it into a business from bulad to creating a social networking for the desperates aka pimp site. it feels kinda weird and funny because i never see myself this way.

* confession of an addict

– i’m a twitter addict. =) that i created a blog and title it tweetmoments, where i can write all about twitter is a sign that i am? i’m shy of sharing the blog with you because i’m just naturally a shy person =)

– i’m such a twitter ‘enthusiast’ (nicer term for addict) that i asked the husband to make me a twitter application (i dunno if it’s the right term). it’s up and running, which i would need some help from you, yes you and you and you. is you there? to help us test it. any one interested in alpha testing, please let me know. i’ll make you part of the founding team of *my killer twitter application vaporware =)

– but i guess before i can do that, i need to somehow explain what’s the fuss about twitter because really what’s with the twitter. it’s so hype up. =) twitter has released this twitter 101 for business – a special guide. but somehow, i don’t really get what they’re trying to say. but who said someone should tell you what you should do with twitter, right?

* my day job — yes, i should not forget about it. after yakking and yakking of quitting it. i’m still here. still chicken to tell the boss that i really do not need your money. but, i’m not really here for the money in the 1st place. i’m here to learn and get sidetracked with extracaricullar activities, and the free internet, and some free techy lessons from the cool workmates. =)

– but my day job is actually fun. i’m again a writer here — i do the user’s manual. i’m also an indie movie director here — i do screencasts aka tutorial videos of our application. and, i nitpick on the programmers’ application — they are all under me. kidding. my role is to irk them by pointing one by one what i do not like with their finished product. kidding.

these pretty sums up my very interesting life. =)

and, again, i’m begging who would like to help us test my vaporware. you’d be meeting nice people like @paologlim @drixenol88  @khristianie =) hehe, i’m dragging people here =)