elevator love story

for the 5 months i’ve been using the elevator of keppel
for the many different people i joined in riding it:
boys, girls, and 3rd/4th to the nth sex
managers, staffs, delivery staffs, housekeeping staffs, security guards, all kinds of people from all walks of life
it makes me wonder if the elevator has already been a witness to some relationships born from the elevator rides

if i were a single today, could i find my future love in one of the many elevator rides
what are the chances of me finding a boyfriend in the elevator
there are the not so good looking boys they don’t deserve a 2nd look who probably think the same way of me too
the good looking and intellectual looking but seems to be more feminine than me
there are also the so-so looking (pwede na) boys but then they already have someone all over them
there are also the too very goodlooking they do not require brains to survive
i’d feel i have better chance of finding a nice pretty girlfriend than getting even just a basic boyfriend (no more added features. just pure call and text.).

which leads me to think, what if i got the chance of meeting that ideal boy in the elevator
what should be my moves to get his attention within 14th floor to basement 1  (or vice versa) span of ride
which is equivalent to around 40 seconds
strip? =) (it’s too early in morning to be talking about that)