baby alive

it’s going to be meg’s day tomorrow.
she has been narrating for days already what will happen on her birthday
from her doll cake to balloons to pesit (pansit) noodles, chicken, tambok
to who will cook her birthday ‘handa’ thus she is over friendly lately with ate mona or else no ‘pesit’ for her
to the names of her visitors
to her birthday gift which can range from pink gameboy, pogs, and the most mentioned — baby alive
baby alive (by hasbro) is a doll that has diaper, titi (drink milk), and eat according to meg which is also according to the ads she saw on TV (i dunno which channel airs the ads — nick/cartoon network/disney)
hate those ADS!
anyway, i found something like this doll at super metro ayala
the cheapest is like P1500,
and the most expensive is i think P4500 which i did not bother much because yay for the price
but still did not get the P1500 — cannot take to shell off that much for a doll which i know will only interest her for just 2-3 days.
after that, the doll and accessories will most probably be distributed to the neighborhood kids =)
but then it’s her birthday and we only buy toys on birthdays/pista/christmas
the joy on her face must be worth the money
but then it’s P1500pesoses =)
the pogs which is at P0.50 would probably elicit the same happy reaction from her =)

most probably, she’d end up tomorrow without any gift from me =)
so meg is like that
she is my child that i least worry about
unlike migi to whom i feel like always tiptoeing
with meg, i’m confident she’d be fine by herself
she’s the kind of person who can tend to herself if left behind
probably because she’s a girl, she’s more expressive and is not afraid to speak out her thoughts
she is also the most carefree who does not give a damn what others think
and, she is maldita and whiny and irritating =)
i know that whatever happens, she could always find her way out and defend herself

her airplane
Meg's airplane drawing #fb on Twitpic

ironic that i feel more protective with my boys than with meg.

to my baby alive, the jerry of the 2 toms (migi and mati), happy 4th birthday!!!