Accomplished Quitter

I finally say goodbye to the corporate world. And this time It is final.
I would like to be proud of myself for ‘escaping the cubicle
nation’ (from pamslim) but only if I was not being indecisive, fickle-
minded at 1st. It shows I’m such a chickensheet.
If u had read my last post, you know that I was a jilted quitter last
week. But this week, it’s totally over & final! No more 4-hour work

I’m now an accomplished quitter. No more jilted quitter!

So today is my 1st day of being a homiez again. Godbye corporate
slavery, hello home/kids’ slavery! So the 1st day is a teething mati.
For the mothers, you have an idea how a teething child is like.

Feverish/coughs/colds/constipated/teething mati = a welcome back
greeting to remind me how it is to be stay-at-home mother again.=)
it’s holiday today but no holidays for me.

Fun times!!! (convincing myself) =) of course, it is!