what’s with naming your gadgets?

read/heard/learned from school or somewhere that when you give names to your stuff, you become more attach to it
i don’t give names to my stuffs, for the reason that i don’t have much stuffs in the 1st place
but still i am so into emotional attachment
i can’t simply throw away tissue papers with notes from friends in it though they’re already taking too much space
even fastfood receipts, empty ballpens, empty tin cans, plastic bags, whatever — i stored them
because i’d feel i’m throwing away memories

heard from local talk show (i guess it was boy & kris show)
the topic was about being father-less
i guess the show was about having fathers working abroad, and the impact it has on kids
i forgot who the guest was that said something that one of the important role of a father or a male figure is giving the sense of being objective
male figures somehow guide kids how to decide objectively, how to view things objectively
as mothers and majority of the women tend to be very emotional
thus women are subjective with their decisions — pro’lly the reason for being fickle minded

i guess it can be the reason why i’m a very emotional person
since my parents are separated, and singlehandedly raised by my nanay
i have a screwed sense of emotional attachments to all stufss even how trivial they can be
that’s why i’m so undecisive — the one thing i really hate most about myself
i consider all people’s emotions, all angles before i can decide
so i can be used as an example for the ‘boy & kris show’

but on the other side of ‘theory’ is mark
mark somehow refutes the ‘theory’ — that kids without father figure while growing up are more emotional
mark is also raised singlehandedly by his mother and her lola
he has no emotions. you know how many times i rant that he’s the most insensitive specie i ever have known
so he most not be a good subject for research to prove the theory that ‘kids who don’t have a constant male figure growing up are extra emotional people’

but lately, i noticed i no longer get attached that much
i lost things/forget special occassions — i fuss for some time but then easily get out of that ’emotional state’
either, it’s a sign i’m growing up
or i’m influenced with mark’s being insensitivity (five years living with him. you sure develop to feel numb to things)

this is actually a continuation to my tech post
i dropped the (no longer i use ‘my’) ipod at the iCenter (what’s up with apple’s obsessiveness on ‘i.’ ipod, iphone, imac, isurvive.)
and, saw this feminine boy waiting for his ipod touch with 459 apps in it (459 apps??? how the h*ll can he find time to use the 459 apps?). he look so concerned
wala lang. i could see the emotions all over his face even with those big shades (what’s the term for those fashion shades) watching over his ipod
and, there i was judging him to be such an emotional wimp which means that i’m also shallow for being so judgmental

so anyway, i dropped my ipod at the service center (the main point of this long post)
mark’s tired of fixing it
it’s a good problem for the service center to solve

i really wanted to make a review for the ipod from a mother’s point of view a long time ago
but ‘naguba na lang sya,’ i still haven’t made one
when taptop will be back, i will make one na jud.
so until taptop comes back
(*taptop because if you read its manual. all the instructions start with ‘tap’ word’. tap here, double tap, tap tap tap. they should have name it ipod tap not ipod touch.)

edit to add: i feel this is such a ‘i’m-better-than-you’ post. self-righteous me not to be taken seriously. =)