Twitter and Google’s New Offspring: Twoogle — Twitter’s DEATH
looks like evan williams(@ev) is making $$$$$ from google again
williams was one of the founder of blogger which was sold to google
is this twitter’s death?
it’s kind of a ‘trend’ that any thing acquired/bought by google will eventually just lost its coolness/novelty or that something that makes it tick, and got stuck

example is william’s blogger
if you compare it to wordpress or typepad, it’s interface just did not evolve
multiply has even prettier content ‘editor’ (right term?)
it stuck, no more ‘innovation’
youtube’s so mainstream — it’s became the friendster of the social sites =)
and, other things they bought which never took off that’s why we no longer heard of them
plus there’s their email application, gmail, which is always on beta.
i remember i was pregnant when gmail kind of started,
now, migi’s almost 5, and gmail is still beta!
c’mon!!! =)

hehehe. a google bashing post! =)