quick tech talk

* the camera shutter sound of my new phone, nokia e63, cannot be muted.
ask mr. google, and i’m not alone
read somewhere that there’s a law about not turning the camera shutter off — what?!?
and, this is not exclusive to e63
some sony ericsson models too
so, if you plan to buy a new phone, and you’re particular with turning off the shutter,
you better check that feature before getting it
gone are stolen shots.

*from annoying shutter sound to speaker sound gone
if you own an ipod touch gen 2, some apps or update of apps may conflict with the OS of your ipod that causes for the speaker to not work
though, sounds work fine when you use headphones
can actually do without speaker sound
but it’s just plainly annoying to not have it.

anyhow, it can be fixed but it would take a lot of trial and error
i’m still a lot of errors.