pops fernandez = britney or mystika?

i saw pops fernandez being interviewed last sunday (6/28/09) in showbiz central
and, her overall face look made me shuffle my brains looking for someone she kind of look like
so i thought britney spears
but britney spears is like ‘ka-age’ of his sons

so back to shuffling my brains
and try to get a better match
and, it’s MYSTIKA who popped up in my head
it took me long to find a picture of mystika (it’s a sign she’s ‘laos.’ but did she ever become sikat?)
i can’t find one with her wearing a ‘hat’ (do u call that hat ba?)
but i know i saw her many time wearing something like that.

but i found here in this site that mystika’s real name is Cassandra Umutotay.

but to be nice, pops did look closer to britney.
but just because mystika does not have a ‘hat.’ =)

**edit to add, i replaced the picture. i don’t know what happen to the 1st one. maybe michael jackson was not happy with it. i saw compilation of pictures from misterhub’s site.
michael jackson, huwag mo na kunin to ha.