of dusts/strong scents/peanuts

migi was sent home early from school today
because his eyes were red and swollen according to the nurse
she thought migi’s having sore eyes
we’re not alarmed because it’s nothing unusual
it’s how migi would sometimes react to dust
so migi has this allergy to dusts

while meg reacts to strong scents
she’d develop coughs/colds when she’s exposed to strong scents — shampoos, laundry detergent, perfumes

then, mati.
mati’s allergy comes a big surprise to me
i bought peanut butter sometimes before
when we noticed his mouth would swell even if he’d touch just an eeny weeny amount of peanut butter
then, he’d get itchy, and start scratcthing
when we realized — mati is allergic to peanuts
i mean, it’s something i don’t expect to have in this family
i always thought, only ‘rich’ kids will have this thing against peanuts
because ‘rich’ kids are ‘maselan’
anyway, i just brushed it off. thought it’s nothing biggy. he’d get over it.
then one time, gave him butterfingers
then, there he goes itching and scratching and a bit swollen
so hafta be conscious of food i buy — no more ice cream/cakes with peanuts,
peanut allergy is just something not to be taken lightly
heard a lot of horror stories, and even the pedia confirmed that we better do away with anything peanuts

must be from mark’s
i don’t have any allergies in my body
i have an immune system comparable to pigs =)