my mrs michael jackson dream

how michael jackson changed my life

been watching ‘you are not alone’ videos of michael jackson
and, how i missed him a lottt!
if you knew me way back grade school days, i had this most ultimate crush on him
i always wait for late night news since late night news, back then, usually feature international news — hoping to catch a bit news of him
i’d seen and gushed over that interview of him by oprah — oprah was still fat at that time
my notebooks/books were filled with doodles/caricature of him
i really believed i’m going to be mrs michael jackson
i bought all his ‘tapes’ until ‘dangerous’
i even bought janet jackson’s tapes
no more ‘history’ — i moved on when that album was released

and then moved to crushing on this guy
which i just realized now that he kinda looked like michael jackson
how he influenced my taste in ‘men’
which made me think if mark has similarities with michael jackson

i really believed back then that i’d be mrs michael jackson — which is probably every other girl’s dream back then (if you’re grossed out, tell me so)
thus one of the reasons why i never fancy learning how to drive
because i always had this vision of myself being chauferred(sp?) in one of his limousines. =)

this is my way of paying homage to michael jackson

edit to add:
here’s a screenshot of his video
do you notice how he usually have these kids go up the stage in his finale numbers?
and, then been copied by other performers.

and, i named my first child – miguel
just how mj penetrated my subconscious.