mcDOctor i am sick

mati got sick last week — fever for a day then coughs and colds for the rest of the week
thursday night, he was uneasy, he had this wheezing sound in his chest
he kept waking up and wanted to be carried and hold and rocked
(meaning me standing, pacing back & forth carrying him the whole night until morning = sick baby is no fun)
so brought him to the pedia the day after
pedia fortunato was not around, was out of the country for conference
hate it when kids’ doctor fortunato’s not around when they’re having some mini serious sickness
i want to be comforted with her ‘you’re-being-OA-mother-it’s-nothing-biggie’ comment
it never fails to remove my worries
that’s why she kicks ass even if we have to wait in line forever just to be told, ‘it’s nothing serious.’
that’s why all my attempts to transfer to a different pedia near ‘lacion, for practical reasons, failed because i never find someone like her who could say ‘it’s nothing serious’ like how she’d say it.
which made me realized that oftentimes, we go to the doctor not really to be the treated but more of to get assurance that we’re okay, everything’s okay and going to be okay.

anyway, dr. gasendo (spelling not sure) was there to substitute her
like this pedia too. so we’re good.
lesson: always have a back-up doctor to run to when ‘main’ doctor not around
i also like dr. fuentes too in ‘lacion (her clinic somewhere near sta lucia’s)

after the pedia, off we went to mcdo
the default pit stop after the pedia

the sick boy — conk out with his happy meal toy. tired from sleepless nights.

more mcdo pics here if you care.