making cake — my new talent

my 1st attempt at making no-bake cake, nappy cake (cake made of diapers)
if you want to know more about nappy cake, go ask mr. google

it looked shabby and tacky, the color combination reminded me of those ‘banderitas’ during fiestas
but we all have to start somewhere, right. =)
so to the future baby showers, baptismal event i’m going to attend
expect nappy cake made with love from me =)
just let me know what diaper you prefer.

it’s fun to do it.
just took me 5 minutes to figure out how to tie them all up =)
and, it costs me P603.30 only =)
i used EQ 60-pack –402.80
the stacking ring toy (you can use any toy or baby stuffs to deck the cake or you can actually do without it) — 119.75
ribbons — 80.75

i’d gladly accept orders for free
but just provide me with materials
i will make it a ‘lab rat’ — something to practise and experiment on. =)