juggle the picasso way

plotting mini-world domination and juggling it with motherhood
i don’t know how other mothers do it
but with me, i’m kind of going crazy
and, to think my world domination activities are all trivial stuffs
but they’re all big things already for me

motherhood is not something you can just keep as sideline
managing adults is not easy, how much more managing little humans who are all superego
as the the usual advice goes: do all you want while you are still single
it’s good to conquer the world or at least you have figured out a way how to conquer the world before making babies
so that you have all the time to yourself
and, whatever risk you will get to, nobody’s going to be innocent 3rd party victims
you won’t feel guilty or worry that your kids will turn out to be some ‘KSP’ because you’re busy with your quest of world domination
you only have to answer to yourself

but then there are things or realizations in life that you will not see unless you already have babies
it’s just it’s double hard for the mothers
in our culture, mothers are expected to be the main sole child *caregiver
whatever happens to a kid, mothers get the major blame
the fathers are always excused
but a mother — even if she saves the whole world she would still be made guilty for not taking time with her child
but mothers/girls are always smart
they always find ways to get things done

so i guess — having kids could make you feel so limited
but as they say, with limitations comes creativity
it’s not easy juggling things with motherhood
thus mothers get extra creative to get things done
well, with me, i’m still juggling motherhood and extracurricular activities in a very ugly manner =)
hopefully, it would come out as picasso art =)

*dear multiply: have not much time to update you because i’m busy counting words, creating stories out of insurance words, splatting bugs, making a ‘helpful’ user’s help manual, shooting videos, twittering, deciphering css/wordpress, figuring out what to do with myself, feel crying for feeling guilty of doing all these things while her kids are left alone, and teaching my kids to parent theirselves. and, feel like crying again.