busy queen bee

been really busy for the past 2 weeks because of my ‘writing’ raket
haven’t mentioned that i get a small stint as an seo writer (yes, writer) because it might get jinx
and my writing career will be doomed
but then if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be
anyway, there’s a long story of why writer is not something i can label myself but for now i will not bore you with that
owkei, it goes back to 3rd year high school when i auditioned for the school paper
my article was not rejected because i was not able to write one in the 1st place
all i did with my 1 hour time limit was stare at the yellow pad paper — thinking how should i begin writing about ramos or women’s month for the whole 1 hour (it was march thus the women’s month topic and ramos was president at time)
so from that time on, i crossed out ‘writing’ from talents list

extra busy because i’m still on adjusting mode
i’m not used to being told what to write — it’s a whole different thing when you write what is on your mind from what is on other mind’s
and, i kind of prove that i’d feel like a whore where i need to perform with no longer feeling it
but enough of that drama
thing is i’m a turtle writer!
still working on my speed.

and, sometimes i felt so stretched out that i questioned myself what the heck i’m doing this for
main reason is i want to move out of a fixed shedule job because it’s taking my time for my kids away — yes, after being excited to be away from them. i do miss them back now.