boyz2men minus1 (cebu concert)

di ba they’re 4 in the group?
where’s the other 1.
according to a friend, tickets priced at 3500-4500 for the reserved seats, then 1000 for the general seating(sp?)
expensive expensive.
sad. i want the most expensive.
give chance on me. this will only be my 3rd concert if ever i’d push thru.
and the 1st one to be in a ‘sosyal’ venue, waterfront

1st was a wolfgang concert which my mother thought it’s like some gary v concert
so she freaked out when she knew about who wolfgang really was
the 2nd concert was freestyle and side A, and they’re like veryyyyyyy late, like 3 hours late that when they started, my excitement was kaput.
both were in abellana aka cebu city sports complex

so anyway, getting the 4500 ticket will be like giving up of having a ‘powerful’ celphone.
so i’m torn!
dapat cheap na lang kay kulang na sila’g member!
and, why is their poster looks like they’re short on budget?
mura copy and paste man lang ni sila.