back to lea salonga’s

with my previous milk dilemma story, i switched to jodi sta maria/claudine barretto/carmina villaruel’s endorsed milk, Lactum
migi and meg were such milk monsters plus the new additional mati, i abandoned lea salonga’s enfagrow and went for a more affordable Lactum

so anyway, april this year, during school break
migi decided not to eat any solids (whatever positive/negative reinforcements i applied on him) because he’s being migi.
migi’s the type who’s not going to do what you ask him to do unless you have a very valid reason behind it
he thought it’s pointless to eat when he’s not going anywhere — meaning school
so no school — no eat
then, he started getting bony
so i decided to go back to lea salonga’s ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you, tomorrow. you’re always a day away’ milk, enfakid

don’t get me wrong
i don’t mean that more expensive milk or whatever product, more nutritious/more value
it’s more of what is ‘hiyang’ to the kid
enfagrow has been their milk ever since thus probably the reason they are ‘hiyang’ to it

hello, lea salonga.
bye bye jodi/claudine/carmina.

i noticed we only get to have ‘print out’ pictures when there’s some promo going around
the ultimate sign of being sucker for freebies — that”s I! =)