why 4 Cebuano congressmen voted for HR1109? #con-ass

that’s con-ass for you and cha-cha for me.

Rep. Benhur Salimbangon, 4th district
I voted for the resolution because the resolution was just an invitation. Wala pa siyay ngipon, walay strong effect. It was just an invitation for congress to look into amendments of the constitution which may include possible shift to parliamentarty government.

Rep. Ramon ‘Red’ Durano, 5th District (hands down to this guy. i think i love him na.)
I believe the present setup government is an obstacle to our economic development. It is also my belief that our constitution is restrictive rather than working for our people and contry.

Re. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, 6th District
I prefer the Constitutional Convention mode (in amending the constitution), hence I was actually third among the last to sign the resolution. I just want it to become a justiciable issue, making it ripe for a case in the Supreme Court.

Rep. Pablo John Garcia, 3rd District
I was out of the country and could not vote but I signed the resolution because I believe the issue of procedure should be decided by the Supreme Court.

I got this from Cebu Daily News 06/07/2009.
I’m sharing this, not for educational purposes, but for entertainment purposes.
Except for Durano, the others might have not done their research because, really, their reasons are laughable.

It’s no wonder why people are so against this con-ass.
High School student council bodies can give a more convincing reasons than them

If this was budgeted by GMA, i hope she included a ‘script’ in the fat ‘envelope’ she gave out so these ‘yes’ congressmen would at least sound convincing.
And, for those who received the envelope, can you at least appear convincing? or at least get a poet to come up with some flowery essay about why you say yes to con-ass.

but still i’m pro con-ass.
we’ve been thru a lot, what’s this little circus of a con-ass!
only in my beautiful country Philippines.

for the relatives/neighbors/friends/fans of these people, i’m sorry for making fun of them.
i’m just envious!