Twitter Search — Oh, no! Google, what to do what to do!!!
so are the predictions really true?
social media is now/going to be the ‘in’ thing.
so it’s gonna be SMEO (social media engine optimization) instead of just SEO.

**add: as a ‘twitter user,’ what i like about searching via twitter is that you get a real-time twits/thoughts about the product or thing you are searching for. the twits are like the ‘on-the-spot’ thoughts so you’re getting to the very raw emotions/thoughts of the people about a particular item/idea/whatever. sometimes the twits do not make sense, but the thing is ‘twits’ are/were made during one person’s unguarded moments — no frills, no pretensions, no sugar-coats, or hype which can be more valuable than the made-up articles in the google’s result list. but that’s for me. i know, on the overall scene, twitter does not really make a lot of sense which makes it more fun. =)