warning: all the things i’m blah-ing are all based on my imaginations.

so anyway, my twitter is flooded with this ‘no to con-ass’ twits/messages.
this is the new version of ‘charter change,’ i guess
i first heard of charter change way back in high school
if i’m not mistaken, it was during Ramos time
and, as far as i can remember i was and still am for charter change
i mean, change is good
i believe other countries have been changing their constitutions from time to time
even facebook changes their policies every now and then which i believe is for the betterment of everybody
so why not our dear country philippines

what are we afraid of charter change?
what’s the worst thing that will come out of it?
another arroyo regime. well, at least it saves me from the dilemma of choosing among ‘padyak of korina,’ ‘st king turned OFW hero with a C5 scandal,’ ‘chiz — is he legit for presidency ba?,’ eddie gil, and other showbiz personalities
i mean what makes mar roxas better than arroyo.
or, it will save me from another erap ng masa.
between arroyo and erap — i’ll go for the intelligent thief.

and if arroyo will be there, fvr will be there
wow! 2 intelligents….
gma loves cebu. fvr loves lito osmena the promdi boy of cebu.
isn’t it a great time to be a cebuano! =)

what other worst thing?
they will sell Philippines to the foreigners?
well, everybody’s leaving anyway.
and, who the heck in their right minds would buy philippines in this time of financial crisis

what other worst thing?
a waste of money on charter change — the people’s money?
it’s not something new.
at least, we spend on a better issue than sex scandals

well, i could confidently say that i’m PRO CON-ASS because i’m in cebu.
whatever happens there in the imperial city will not shaken me/us
because, thank God and Sto Niño, i can say we are financially independent
con-ass, bring it on.

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