plastic covers/black shoes/mighty kid

* i went on buying meg’s black shoes by myself
i’m that excited
and, girls stuffs are just cute
just compare the 2 shoes (migi’s old one, meg’s new one – is this what you call mary jane type of shoes)
meg’s shoes has this little ribbon design, it’s just not visible
bytheway, i chose the shoes so that’s my taste, i’m not sure if that’s cute to you.
* bought some uniforms from their school
we’re not yet complete in this because they don’t have stocks on our sizes

* i’m done plastic-covering their books
writing names on them

back to shoes, i haven’t bought them rubber shoes yet
well save it next time when budget permits =)
which reminds me, do you still remember the Mighty Kid rubber shoes?!
it was ‘uso’ during my elementary days
and, we usually bought it from Footsteps shoe store in Colon
and, i have this friend who have them in almost all colors
while i only have it in one color – blue
but, anyway, back in my elementary days in badian, we did not have uniforms
and, we just go to school in slippers
so if you wear a mighty kid or any shoes, you’d kind of be the center of attention
and, be labelled as the rich/’arte’ kid
which makes me think — what’s the ‘mighty kid’ comparison of this generation now?

their school in here.