my kids and other kids in this digital age

Mark and I would jokingly tell each other that we should turn our place into a tech park with all the imaginable tech gaming gadgets which would make kids forget about going home. and we should have some entrance fee for whoever wants to hang out at our place.  Kids trooped at our house every now and then. Though, it can be rowdy, noisy and chaotic. But I love having them around in all forms and smells.
Though I prefer for them to be climbing trees and skid on some hills, I guess I need to accept that they belong to this digital age, and that their father is in the tech industry – no escaping those computer games.

ADD at its best.
If they’re not out running in the streets, and playing under the rain lately, they’re in our house playing wii or just simply messing around.

Seeing them squabble and haggle who gets to play next, and what character to choose, shout at each other for being so lame in playing — I wonder how these kids will be after 5/10 years. Still fighting over some computer games?!? Well, I guess it’s better than fighting over a girl???

it’s such a warm feeling seeing them around.

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