freelance writing

i came across a post, Doing Homebase Work, here in multiply. and, i’m interested of trying this ‘freelance writing’ kind of work set-up. i’ve known some friends who are into this, and some are actually having a business out of it — and they’re earning very well.

a ‘few’ (very few. like 1 and 2 plus 3 myself) are/were egging me to try it but i’ve been hesitant of trying it for some ‘corny’ reasons, aside from the ‘i’m-really-not-sure’ with my writing skills — i mean, yes i can rant and all but the grammar and rules in writing are so alien to me. but to be fair with mrs. baltazar and my english teachers, i somehow know the basic rules of writing in english. but the thought of churning out articles after articles in a day/week just to meet deadlines and quota appears heartless to me (see i’m corny). it’s because writing to me is not something natural and automatic — i need to purge my brain and heart just to come up with even a short ‘article.’ so imagine me squeezing my brain and heart day after day, article after article — i’d feel like a prostiture where quantity rules over quality (analogy is quite off but i like to use the word ‘prostitute’).

so for those freelance writers, i hope to get an enlightenment from you. tips, advices, and you might have some work to share.

for those interested to try this stint, you can check the following sites i found: — the one cited in the post i came across here in multiply.
and, you can also search in twitter. i found some listing in twitter. =)
more links: — from hannah. — Columnist Contest

thank you.

this pic is not related to the post but i just want to add a pic.
and to my boss who might come across this. sorry to disappoint you but i don’t think
you can get rid of me.