Day 1: freelance writing gig quest

Apply to 1 post (from problogger posting). No feedback yet.
Owkie, I know I’m supposed to be aggressive if i want to land a gig
because there are like 500 000 other people applying for that post but
I have other priorities — like my job. =)

I’ll apply my 3-day rule, no response in 3 days — mark it x. So I’m
going to apply for another post when i have some breathing space
because crunch time at work this week. One step at a time.

While we’re at this writing, this is my how to create an article by
dummy rose because I’m feeling know-it-all.
1. Think of a topic. It does not need to be grand like how *immorality
will kill the human soul or how green recvolution will affect the
plastic industry because even yourself will not read it. Unless, your
goal is to put the whole world to sleep… Well, your college
professor might read it. Well, I might read it too though.

So Anyway, as you guess, You can start with simple topics, so trivial
you won’t even bother sharing it with your friends — like riding a
tricycle. You can relate How enlightening riding a tricycle can be.
The social connection you get from riding a tricyle vs being in the
comfort of your car. You can have a glimpse of manong driver’s life
if you engage in small talks with them. You’d learn that he got
married to neighborhood’s househelp because he is their ‘suki’
tricycle. they now have 1 son and wife is infanticipating. And, isn’t
it feel good to see how a driver lovingly describes his wife and kid.
They way he’d smile and joke about married life confirms that life is
indeed beautiful in whatever form you are.

Owkei, that’s it for now. Let’s see if I can create something more
clever next time.

Hello?!? Are you still there?!?