Chasing Mr. Ideal Sleep

When migi/meg were babies, and sleep was little and unpredictable, I’d
tell myself that when they get bigger, I’ll catch up with sleep — as
a way to cheer myself up and pull me thru of being awake on dawns
carrying a baby while pacing back and forth on the floor. Of course I
did/do sleep but I want to have my ideal sleep. My ideal sleep is
going to bed at very late at night after some reading/internetting/
bumming then wake up at lunch time the following day, slacking. It’s
a different level of pleasure having that ideal sleep.

So Seeing migi and meg now bigger kind of babies and mati on the way
of becoming a bigger baby too. Finally, I’m this close to having my
ideal Sleep! I can almost smell the crisp newly-washed blanket all
over my warm-dead-to-the-world body, add some coolness of the rain at
the background — God, am I in heaven?!? But as always, the most
reliable thing happen — fate has a way of making things do not turn
out the way you want them to be, most of the time.

Because here comes school who snatch away my ideal sleep without a
blink! Migi was transferred to the 730am class because all mothers
whose kids are in the afternoon class revolted to have their kids
transferred to the morning class (really, adults are not that
different from kids). So to solve the eeny weeny squabble, the nuns
decided to split the kinder population by first-come-first-serve
basis. The first 20 kids to enroll are put in the morning class, and
the rest are in the afternoon class. =) and, it happens we’re part of
the early birds.

So 730am class means waking up at 5am to give migi time to boot up,
take a bath/dress up, eat plus the assignment (introducing the
cramming at early age). Then car pool picks him at 6am. Yes, 6am!
Animal cruelty?!?.

So there goes my ideal sleep. The chance of getting it looks bleak.
Maybe I should change the definition of my ideal sleep because it
seems the only way to achieve my ideal sleep is to turn back the time.