back to lea salonga’s

you know how i ‘accused’ jodi sta maria/claudine barreto/carmina villaruel’s endorsed milk — lactum — before of ‘probably’ causing migi’s ‘kagid’ (skin irritation)
so anyway, last april, we switched back to lea salonga’s endorsed milk, enfagrow
because migi was being a ‘non-eater’ because he felt there’s no need for him to eat because he’s not going to school anyway
you know, migi is the type of person who would only do things you asked him to do only if he knows what’s the bigger reason behind it
so for him, he would not eat back then because what for — he’s not going to school or anywhere.
so he became extra skinny
so i thought switching back to lea salonga might make up for the lose nutrients/mineral

so anyway, after some time on lea salonga’s, i noticed his ‘kagid’ became tame
it’s not that ‘grabe’ any more which i need to put skin creams daily.