1st day high lessons

– that migi trained me well in ‘expect the unexpected’ department. you know, how you plan/visualize/dream every single detail of an incoming event, and when the time had come, every thing just did not went as how you plan it. how excited i was for the 1st day of classes despite the thought that migi would always make it difficult (and, indeed he did but i’m used to it so no stress at that). but:
   * i found out that migi’s class sched will be 1pm-3pm — i was hoping for him to be in the morning sched for a lot of reasons and i won’t bore myself listing it here one by one.
   * that he does not belong to the same class with his neighborhood playmate, and to think that was one of the ‘major’ factor of going for that school (i realized how good i am at decision making.). thing is migi is the type of person who takes time to adjust to new things thus the reason of wanting him being classmate to his playmate.
– but then i realized that i probably grown old/mature, according to my self-assessment test, because though i bitch and whine about how things do not come my way, i’m more optimistic in a way that He must have better plans, and i’m more open minded to the brighter side of the situation =)

– as much as I don’t want to stereotype migi and meg as mini mark and mini rose (see story here) — for the reason of letting the kids develop their own personality which made me think that it’s not really much of use when 74.2% of them is me/mark — the 1st day event just add some proofs that they are indeed mini-mes:
  * you can’t put migi in that kind of crowd (that is sooo mark) while meg dashed right thru the crowd as she’s afraid that she’d be left off of the buzz (that’s my MIL. owkei, that’s i.)

1st day excited parentsss

  * meg chose to sit at the back row (that’s I) while migi was at the front (mark). migi did not join his class because of the students/parents crowd (more kinder students) but he decided to join the nursery, meg’s class, as there’re were lesser number of students. weird contrasting (how meg and I can be sociable but would rather be at the back of the crowd while migi and mark might be antisocials but they prefer to be at the front of the action)

– instead of meeting their teacher and classmates first, they prioritized
  * getting to know the canteen
  * tinkering the faucet

  * acrobatting
   * feel-at-home. get rowdy.
  * meeting the playground

– that anywhere, adults will always find a way to belong to a social circle. there’s a story behind it.

That’s the 1st day. We’re not going back tomorrow. We’ll wait wednesday when regular class sched is on. They’re having half-day today and tomorrow so morning is packed with people – not good for my anti-social migi.

and, Friday is holiday! =)