wanted penpal

i mini-hoard a few colored pens/markers from national bookstore.
for ‘inspiration’ and to perk me up when i get bored
anyhoo, i just notice that 2 of them are scented pens, which brought back some grade school memories.
if i remember it right, it’s grade 3 when ballpens were allowed to be used
then, it was grade 4/5 when i prefer scented ballpens. i guess the brand was apache
back in badian, only 1 store was selling it which was owned by janice’s family, a classmate of mine.
given that their store was far from our house, i really had to put effort of walking the distance to their store just to buy 1 scented ballpen, good to last me for a few weeks
i loved it thick/dark and the strong smell
i’d usually stop in between writing to sniff my notes.

fastforward to high school, i stopped using those scented ballpens.
because proabably, i felt i need to grow up
but maybe because i was already in the city, and with national bookstore, there are too many pen options to be stuck in scented apache ballpens

it’s somewhere in 3rd year HS when, this time, i prefer those pilot gtech pens with the specific ball point of 0.4 or 0.5 (not sure if i remember it right)
and, it must be black.
until college. even when those colorful gel/my gel pens became popular, i’m still a gtech fan
really, i have an odd sense of loyalty.

then, came work, computer replaced the papers/pens
thus, my gtech or ballpen relationship also ended.

then now, my urge to buy pens is back
but this time, i’m for the colorful gel pens/markers
no brand or ballpoint size preference, as long as it looks cheerful, i’m up for it.
every time, i get to pass by national bookstore, i’d usually go straight to the pen sections
i can just be there forever, trying the different colorful gel pens.
it’s my these-are-the-few-of-my-favorite-things lately.
they’re sort of my perk-me-up companion at the office.

what’s your penpal story? or, it’s just me?!?