taking turns

i had a series serious discussions with mark about the 2 of us bringing all the kids to buy some school shoes
any thing that concerns ‘kids and public places’ must be thoroughly discussed with mark
because as much as possible, he’ll avoid that scenario

i want to bring the 3 kids
mark disagreed
owkei, 2 kids
mark, still disagreed
he wants to do it one kid at a time
explanation is that migi and meg are generally manageable as long as you do not put them together in one place or else it’s a tom-and-jerry show
but i’m for ‘united we stand, divided we fall,’ whatever happens
so i suggested we could go together, the 4 of us minus mati, to the store then split
he’ll have migi and i’ll have meg
he’s still not agreeable for the reason that he does not know how to buy that school shoes (like duh)
i have no choice but to give in
my main point is that i do not like the idea that one is left behind at home while the other one
is enjoying going out and buying his/her shoes
though, they will be taking turns but i’d felt bad for whoever is/are left behind
i don’t like to see the ‘hurt’ look in my kids
and, mark argued that kids will understand
and, that it’s just ME who is making a big deal out of it
i mean, it’s not going to scarred them for life, right?

mark said that migi will understand
well, migi will understand because migi thinks like mark
but meg thinks like me so i doubt if she’d understand

i don’t really know
i don’t have any siblings
so somehow i can’t relate because there’s no experience i can base from
well mark has no siblings too so i don’t think it makes him any better about ‘sibling relationships’

so anyway, for those with siblings, how are things like this handled at your home?
is the one-at-a-time owkei?