sundays: my home-cooked dream

i had this grand vision, pre-marriage/kids, that when i’d have my own family, Sunday meals will be extra special
just like how we have back at home in badian
my nanay is good at home-cooked meals

before this marriage, i always imagine myself cooking something delicious for my family every sunday
which my kids would always look forward to it each week
which my kids would brag to their peers
that even when they become big, they would stick at home on sundays because of their mother’s homecooking
and when they’ll have girlfriends/boyfriend, they would bring them home on sundays for my home-cooked meals
isn’t it so dreamy!
a wonderful picture of a happy family enjoying a delicious Sunday meals. =)

fastforward, i did try
but with 8+ years of my life living in a boarding house with it’s own carenderia – it did not make me a good cook
unfortunately, the cooking genes of my mother was not passed on me
and, with 2 kids crying and hugging each of my leg while trying to cook/wash dishes/clean up = i want to pull my hair
i gave up — i’d rather have my sanity than home-cooked meals on Sunday

so our Sundays now — the reality
jollibee drive-thru pancakes for breakfast
left-over foods/sardinas/instant noodles/egg for lunch and dinner
the only cooking i do is rice cooker.
there goes my dream of home-cooked meals turn into instant and fastfood meals
i hope my kids will not be asked in their classes or in any event about their Sundays

(i’d like to believe this is in preparation for their upcoming ‘start-up life.’ i think it’s
in ‘triumph of the nerds’ where the ‘nerds’ said that noodles is their staple food.)

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sunday pics.
share your sunday meals. =)