road project

just done enrolling migi and meg to dominican school
i swear off not to write about ‘educational stuff’ again because i find it a touchy subject
but there’s just funny thing talk with mothers
which put me into a wondering mode again
in the school, while queuing for the enrolment
one mother praised the kumon center (aside from the traditional school, she also enroll her kids to kumon center)
her 2 kids are there, and swears that it’s worth it because she’s no longer stress with tutoring her kids
and, another mother 2nd the motion
and, another mother added that she’s already inquiring and discussing with her hub about putting their kids to kumon, and when she’s there how there are a lot of dominicans in the kumon center
and, then the 2nd-the-motion mother then testified that kids who attend kumon have all medals
and, so on and on

and, i felt like ‘i’m in the wrong crowd.’
if the last time, i wanted to pull migi out of his old school because they were only 2 in the class
this time, i’d like to back out because of how these mother groupies think about ‘medals’

i have nothing against kumon (i think it’s a japanese way of learning reading/math. sorry, too lazy to google)
i just do not feel right about their notion of putting their kids in kumon centers for the medal
or for wanting an easy way out of tutoring the kids
and, i’m no believer of tutor (though, it’s great for the tutors to earn extra money), just to get kids get thru their homeworks or get thru their lessons, because it’s like underestimating the kids capability/ability
it’s as if our kids are like hardware, buying upgrades to improve performance

i like the idea of my kids getting awards/medals (who does not like it?)
i don’t know how to explain it
but i’m not after the medal or any thing.
i would like to applaud them more on how they will reach point B from point A, and really they do not need to reach point B, they can have point C or A-Z.
you know that less traveled road vs the other road. =)
or, they can make their own road.

sometimes, we get to focus of getting to the end, the finish line. the medal/certificate.
as much as possible, we want the most painless, the fastest/shortcut way to get there
thing is, i’m still figuring it out myself too.
(maybe you have an idea what it is)