rich dad/poor dad and the ‘feeling rich’ dad

i’ve been telling myself that starting this month, i’ll renew the habit of tracking the daily expenses
for the reason of tracking (not saving because that’s another long story for me)

i had done this expense tracking/budgeting years ago (during my xlibris days)
and, after i quit there, i also quit looking into money matter because it’s depressing
my salary at that time was P10t, and with 2 kids — budgeting was useless because there’s nothing to budget with P10t in the 1st place (imagine house rent, then add some milk, and i was already short)
budgeting is suppose to manage your finances wisely
but, for me at that time, budgeting was knowing how short with money i was

after that, everything is on mark
and, i/we’re living the life! =)

weeks ago, something happened which shook our financial world
let’s just say, we already spent mark’s 2-year or more worth of salary in advance =)
but we always have that kind of thing, financial meltdown, annually, so i worried for awhile then got over it
i’m trained for financial crashes.
it’s probably very bad this time, because the usual carefree mark did a serious pause and reflected on his millions (millions of debt)
and, i’m so happy with this development! =)
a perfect birthday gift!
i’d like to believe that it was God who led markjohn to read kiyosaki(sp?) book, rich dad/poor dad and feeling rich dad
i haven’t read that book, and i have no plans yet of reading it because i feel it will make me more stingy auntie scrooge

so back to tracking my daily expenses
i brought out all the receipts i had with me for this month
and, then input them all to excel
and, i found out that it’s just the middle of the month, and our expenses already totaled to P50t+
WHATTTT?!? and it does not include yet those things i forgot and mark’s expenses
and, there’s not much listed on the ‘wants’ column of my excel tracker either (not even a fake LV. no. make it fake birkin. mao na uso.)
i was expecting to just having something around 20T of expenses
anyway, it’s enrolment time so probably the reason of this very big expense
but still…
cry me a river!
(anyway, what is an average monthly total expense for a family with 3 kids?)

thankfully, i have done this tracking thing after my birthday or else i’d be sulking
so this kind of knock me off again
and, makes me think that i need to get an additional income!
not cut on expenses because there’s nothing in my expense list that i can delete (i guess that’s really how much it is to have 3 kids)
and, thanks to my dear God for the useless twitter, i’m led to pam slim’s may 18 post, ‘Are you ingredients looking for a recipe?‘ –> i don’t know how to summarize it, so just go there to read the whole article esp if you want to try the ‘entrepreneur ship’
it’s about giving you an idea on how to capitalize on your ‘passion.’ =)

so it makes me want to quit my job
nothing wrong with my current job but i want to sit down and research/read on things i’m interested and try to ‘strategize’ on making more honey =)
anybody there who wants to make more honey, join me in my quest for ‘women/financial empowerment’!

for starters, let’s think about making money without, as much as possible, needing money for capital.
think beauty and talent and make-believe talent! =)

for me, i think i have a little talent on ‘sweet’ talking.
which makes me think of our neighbor across the road who’s a real estate agent
so tomorrow morning, i’ll ask her to make me an agent.
let’s see if i can sweet talk people to buying some houses from me.

so, how about you?!?