outsider’s point of view

i was searching for distilled water suppliers here in cebu,
which lead me to this site Living in the Philippines, http://www.livinginthephilippines.com/
it’s a site made by an expat, which i think is currently living here
i could say it’s a totally unbias point of view about cebu/philippines
some of their views about us may be wrong but then it’s their view

reading some of their articles makes me cringe (removing this part.sorry.)
but then his fresh look at our culture makes me appreciate our culture
there are a lot of insights about our culture that we tend to disregard, and fail to appreciate
but it’s actually what makes us very rich, in a way that is not quantifiable
some snippets from the article, ‘Poverty in the Philippines The Informal Welfare State: How it works so well’

‘Filipinos have the extended family to support them. Given that the Philippines is a very poor country, I find it amazing that so few people are hungry, and very few are “abandoned to their fate”.

the above ‘culture’ the author was trying to portrait is one of the things i seem to take as a ‘not bad’ mentality but it’s neither a good thing
but, hearing it from a foreigner’s view — i am reminded that yes, we do have a beautiful/warm/colorful country!