when i brought migi and meg for the assessment test to the new school,
the guidance counselor’s first comment about the result of their assessment was that they are very opposite,
and, so the others’ comment who met them for the 1st time
they are extreme opposites to think they came from the same gene pool

meg is sociable. she can be shy but most of the time, she’s not. she’d easily open up to complete strangers. while migi is a total shy boy. rarely, i’d see him easily warm up to unfamiliar faces.

meg is the jump-first-before-thinking. the risk taker. she’s the type of person who has a trial-and-error attitude, you know that person who does not bother to read the instruction manual, who goes straight to doing things by herself without a clue of what she’s getting into.

while migi is the sure-ist boy. he has to know everything before trying on a new thing. he has to know why and what he would get if he’d do this or that. really, can be PITA.

meg is the ‘cowboy’ girl. migi is on the ‘elitist’ side. he’s the ‘reklamador.’ don’t bring him on long jeepney rides if you do not want to embarass yourself because he’s not shy in telling everybody his discomfortness — ‘init,’ ‘hoot,’ ‘baho.’ and, don’t bother bringing him to some sidewalk barbecue stall/house because he would beg off not to eat there. he’s that A to the arte.

i had posted about this ‘mini-me’ theory before
mark and i stereotyped our kids as migi as mini mark, and meg as the mini rose
mati? we haven’t decided on him yet but i wish he’d not take after us
we have enough ‘gahi’g ulo’ at our house

anyway, i’d been ranting about having difficulties dealing with migi