of diapers and such

from time to time, i get comments and inquiries about the ‘chino pino’ review post here in my multiply account. i posted it just months after i gave birth to  my eldest son, migi, which just shows how old that review is (it will be 5 years old this year). but it kind of shows how classic the ‘diaper’ topic is because until now, i’d get comments/pm’s, from peopple out of my network, about the ‘chino pino.’

and, reading that post again shows how i’m so romantically naive about diapers/baby stuffs at that time. i was ym’ing with my first ever multiply friend about how before i talked about diapers/constipation/sleep probs then to terrible 2’s then now i’m talking about schoolings, a more mature-related stuffs (well, i’d like to believe to). then what will be next? teenage angst?!? that would probably be easy because i can relate to that  — i’m kind of stuck in the ‘teenage angst’ phase? well, ‘teenage angst’ was cool until avril lavigne came in (see, i’m still stuck). i mean ‘teenage angst,’ at my time, was like listening to kurt cobain/nirvana. now, it’s avril lavigne. big big big difference!!!

enough of teenage angst, i’m going to storytell about ‘diapers’ because i’ll be attending a baby shower party of my long time friend, roxanne. and, i’m ‘planning’ to give her a nappy cake. if and if i could find time making it because i resolve to be doing it by myself to test my creativity skills. how come there’s no baby shower party during my time? i could have 3 parties. unfair! =) hehehe

when it’s my first time having a baby, i think, i google/research/compare&contrast every baby stuff/item i could think of. if i could remember it right, i chose to use cloth diapers for migi because that’s what is best for babies (so sweet). so we never prepared disposable diapers, when migi came out, the first thing nurses asked from us was the disposable diapers. since we don’t have any, the nurses had to borrow diapers from other babies for migi. (that time, we felt stupid. common sense meant we should have at least prepared few. but my sweetness overruled my common sense.)

so, which is better — cloth or disposable? there are a lot school of thoughts about cloth vs disposable. there’s the environmental issues. the practicality/convenience factor. the health concerns factor. the money factor. google has a lot of answers to this issue which will just confuse you more. so don’t google too much, and better just stick with what you think will work best for you. you can always try both, then decide what suits you, your baby, and your baby sitter/labandera best.

i think no doubt about it, from an idealistic point of view, cloth is definitely the better way to go. who does like to wear diapers, in the first place anyway? girls even get uncomfy wearing napkins even for just a few days during our period.

but on the practical/convenience side. the disposable, i believe, wins. knowing that i’m probably the only mother in the neighborhood that still believe in using cloth diaper confirms that. some say, that in the long run, you can save more money with cloth diapers but you also have to take into account your time/energy/effort for changing diapers, washing, the mess that goes with it because when you use cloth diaper, it’s not only the diaper that gets wet. the beddings, the clothes, your precious couch/furnitures, and including you can also be victim of you baby’s wee2x. you’d end up with a lot of stuffs to clean up.

so this is how we/i use diapers at home which, hopefully, can be of help.

* during the 1st 2 months (or, those months when babies poo2x every after feeding even during night time), we use both cloth and disposable. normally or as said in the books, babies feed every 2 hours, and imagine if your newborn feeds every like 30mins (because there are always exceptions), so that’s how much/many times newborn poo2x which is equivalent to how many disposable diapers you will be using. plus there are moments that you thought the baby is done with poo2x, so you put on a new fresh clean disposable, but then newborn decided to poo2x again just after you’re done fastening the nappy. so there goes the life span of your P10 disposable diaper. =) but at night time, i’m all the way for using disposable diaper (to save me some sleep. even Darna sleeps.).

* then, when babies get mobile, disposable diaper all the way or most of the time. aside from the convenience/practical reasons, it’s also to avoid accidents when they pee2x accidentally on the floor, etc.

* then, when i start weaning them off from using disposable diaper, i put them back on cloth or just plain undies. i think it’s helpful to make them feel wet so they’d be more aware that if they pee, they’ll get wet. i usually start ‘diaper wean’ at 1 1/2 year-old, around the time they have a few words. so they can alert you when they want to wee2x or they had wee2x.

with chino pino and other pre-formed cloth diapers, they are no longer that tricky to use. unlike the old ways of having to use pins/clip for the ‘lampins.’ i find here a blog post, Pinoy baby, that compares different cloth diapers and the total cost you’ll be spending. pretty informative. (PS you can  find chino pino in any department stores.)

and, about disposable diapers.

* for newborns, no need to go for the expensive brands/types because you have to change often as they poo2x a lot.

* it does not mean that expensive diapers does not cause rashes/irritation. it’s actually what your babies are used to. if they’re used to a particular brand, expect that babies might get rashes if you put them on a different brand.

* my diaper preference is based on what could last from night time until morning time, when babies wake up. no leaks during sleeping time, please.

* during migi’s time, i tried and tested, probably, all the diaper brands in the grocery shelves — from huggies to happy. like kris aquino, i’m a pampers user. i also go for huggies dry (the red one. i don’t like the blue one), and drypers for the XXL size.

* pampers are comparably smaller to other brands — so their Large is as big as the medium size of other brands.

* some thought that pampers is expensive. but it’s not. there are 2 types of pampers — the orange one (comfort) and the green (dry. it used to be red. now, it’s in green pack.) the orange, comfort, is cheaper. and, thankfully, they’re now using velcro for the fastener.

* EQ, prokids, and pampers have the newborn size. =) go for EQ/prokids, they’re cheaper!

and so on and so forth. i already ran out of ideas.

if all things fail, you can have your baby buttnaked! very fresh! saves money! no laundry to do! don’t worry about ‘butod,’ it’s just a matter of getting used to it. =)

please do add your nappy thoughts!

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