now they let you go,

i want to say i love you.
paying homage to the old multiply layout.

this was their layout ever since i started using them (which was pretty much during the time multiply started) though they added a little of this and that to it but the overall look was maintained.
i wanted to do a few rants about the new layout but it will not give me back my old smelly ‘busloton’ favorite shirt (layout)
but i won’t excuse the new feature ‘Quick Note’ –> there are things that are just meant to be in FB or Twitter or Plurk or, let’s not forget, Friendster (the original work productivity threat)

the new layout, i guess is trying to give emphasis on their ‘Media Locker’ feature which i haven’t really given a thought
the feature that will make them the killer social networking app?!?
no. i’m not inviting any who-is-best-social-networking-site debate.

but i can’t help being nostalgic
i created an account here because of my ‘migi’ who i think is sooo cute that his pictures deserved to be posted on the WWW so that all my relatives/friends can witness his cuteness
it saw me thru the 1st time i fell inlove with my son, with motherhood
then, saw me thru being heartbroken, falling out of love,
then love and be loved.
it stores and locks away my ‘sad’ thoughts (saved as drafts)
and, it happily shares my happiness (save & publish). =)
and, any thing in between.
not mention the friends who come and go, and stick. =)

that’s why i don’t agree when a ‘few’ people say i’m a good writer (if you see my 1st ever post here in multiply, i outrightly said there i do not know writing.)
it’s because i’m a good ‘MULTIPLIER!’

multiply should give me a free premium account for this. hehe =)