my girl with pink life

how life’s decisions is as easy as going for your favorite color. that is if you are Meg.

yesterday, mark brought a dozen of dunkin donuts. there were 2 pink donuts. meg ate one, and she saved the other pink one as her ‘baon’ to the ‘Catechist (sp?)’ class she attends to at our church, San Narciso Parish. (note: migi is not joining the class because he is migi.)

but early this morning, the pink donut is gone. furious meg was. so she decided she’s no longer taking donut any more to her ‘school’ in church. instead, opted for white egg and rice. yes, she brings rice and ‘sud-an’ for her 2-hour Catechist class.

last friday, i saw a bag exactly the same of migi’s school bag but in PINK color. i bought it right away. migi already has his old school stuffs. i want to be discreet in buying meg’s stuffs, and so as much as possible, i’m buying more or less the same to what migi has to avoid the who-gets-which conflict! i guess it’s natural for kids to be jealous of who gets less/more, but i want to save myself from that chaos.

so here she is prepping up her stuffs before leaving for her ‘Cathecist’ class. i told her to save her new bag for the big school opening but meg is a big show-off. =) see her PINK get up, it’s her picks!

on the way to church for her class. =)

(the lens cover of my cam is broken. blame it on mati boy.)